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Catalyst Stocks launches a new website and improved stock picking algorithms.

Catalyst Stocks welcomes visitors to its completely redesigned website.  "We wanted to give users a fresh look and improve usability and features of the site." Say the owners of the company.  Along with the updated look, Catalyst Stocks is continuously improving its stock picking service.  "We constantly strive to improve our service to be better than the competition and give our customers an excellent product."  Among the improvements are timestamps on the stock picks to help customers utilize the picks more effectively.  Customers can choose to view the stock list with or without timestamps. 

The website is now faster and easier to navigate.  Improvements have been made to the back end infrastructure and user interface. "We are always adapting to an ever changing stock market and changing our service to deliver the most profitable stock picks every day."  Catalyst Stocks owners say.

Catalyst Stocks is a stock picking service for long and short term investors, day traders, and more.  The service provides a daily list of stocks that are poised to make significant gains on that day.  A variety of stocks are selected allowing members to choose to trade a specific price range, industry, market cap and more.  Many other stock pick services only provide a few daily picks.  This has a significant downside since it forces investors to "place all their eggs in one basket" and drastically limits the time frame that investors have to make a trade before missing out on an opportunity.  Another advantage of the Catalyst Stocks service is that it offers a guarantee or performance agreement:  Catalyst Stocks will refund 100% of a members money if all of the stock picks for the month do not have an overall positive gain.

"It is hard for our members to believe how good our service is and how it works for nearly all trading styles because they are so accustomed to the poor quality stock picks that are out there.  Not only are our stock picks great  for short term and day trades as they usually make significant one day gains, but they also work well for buy and hold scenarios as most picks continue to gain for days and weeks after the initial stock alert."

More information can be found on the Catalyst Stocks website at . Visitors to the site may view a list of previous stock picks to verify the gains for themselves and subscribe to the service.


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