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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?
Nearly unlimited. Depending on how many trades you want to make and how much money you want to invest. We'll give you an example. Let's say our average daily return on our stock picks is 15%. If you decide to invest $10,000.00 one day, equally among the several stock picks of that day you would make: $10,000 X .15 = $1,500 Yes, $1,500 profit for one day trading! You would be lucky if you could make 5% in any other investment in a year!
What services do you provide?
Catalyst Stocks is a stock picking service. With our Premium Stock Pick service you will be able to log in to the exclusive member area and view the stock picks at any time. The picks are likely to increase in value during the trading day and are available for viewing before the market opens.  The list is also updated throughout the day with intra-day stock alerts.
How does it work?
You receive a list of the daily stock picks in your member area. If you decide to buy any or all of the stocks, you then place an order with your stock broker for the stock(s). You then sell the stock later during the day when it peaks or begins to go back down.
What kind of stocks do you pick?
We deal primarily with stocks listed on the NASDAQ, AMEX and New York Stock Exchange. These are primarily small and mid cap stocks. Unlike many unscrupulous stock pick sites on the internet we are not paid to promote a certain stock nor do we recommend penny stocks or stocks traded on the OTC BB over the counter markets. These stocks are highly volatile and investors often lose large sums of money investing in them. We rarely if ever will feature a stock that trades on the OTC.
What sets you apart from others?
Several things. First, we offer a guarantee that overall, our stock picks will be positive for the month. Second our experience in picking stocks and our proprietary system is unrivaled in the industry. Next, we are the only stock pick service that provides our members with a dynamic stock pick list- new trading opportunities are added throughout the day while picks that no longer meet our criteria are removed from the list. Finally, unlike many others, we are not paid to promote companies with poor quality stocks.
How long do I have to hold on to the stock?
In short: one day or less. We pick stocks that normally make their move during a single market day. Once a Premium Stock Pick member you will learn more about our system. Generally, stocks are bought at the market open and sold at the end of the day or at a stop loss, whichever occurs first.
What about "buy and hold"?
Although many people may use our service for day trading, it works for buy and hold and short term trades as well. Take a look at the 5 stock picks in the chart. These were five of our picks on a recent day. You can of course see a nice increase on the day of the pick but look further and you will see that they have continued to trend upwards 5 days later! They are up anywhere from 13.3% to 31% each!.
How do I choose?
There are many different methods our subscribers use to select from the provided picks. Since our picks are primarily triggered by a catalyst, many members find success by doing some research to see what that catalyst may be.  An example would be a pharmaceutical company that just announced a successful new drug. Just make sure to do thorough research to make sure the other underlying factors, fundamentals, etc are good before buying. Our service selects stocks that are likely to go up but there are no guarantees in the stock market. Other subscribers will trade stocks in a specific price range, use technical and fundamental analysis, models, etc.
Do I get anything if I refer someone to your service?
Yes, absolutely! Many of our members like our service so much that they are telling all of their friends. We want to reward you for telling your friends. You will receive a free month of service for every person you refer that becomes a paid member.
What is your guarantee?
We can pick stocks so accurately that we offer paid members a performance agreement: stock picks will have an overall positive gain for each and every month that you are a member or we will refund 100% of your money for any month that does not perform. Read the full guarantee here.
How much time do I need to make money?
We have many members who have full time jobs that trade in their spare time as well as many people who trade full time for a living. Your time commitment is entirely up to you but you can normally be successful with as little as an hour a day. It takes mere minutes to place buy and sell orders with your broker and you don't have to sit at a computer all day and watch the stock if you use our recommended stop loss.
Do you recommend any brokers?
Yes, Suretrader is a great broker that allows you to daytrade with as little as $500.
Have more questions?
Email us at We look forward to serving you!

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